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  • Solid Zirconia

    If you need a crown that requires minimal clearance or a crown to stand up to a severe bruxer, then a solid zirconia restoration is a viable alternative for posterior crowns and bridges. Designed and milled using CAD/CAM technology, solid zirconia restorations are sintered for over six hours at 1,500 °C.

    Solid zirconia does not have the same level of esthetics as the layered version, but what is lacks in esthetics, it makes up in sheer strength. Fabricated out of 100% monolithic medical-grade zirconia, it is virtually unbreakable. Even patients with the most severe form of bruxism will not have fracturing issues.

    A solid zirconia restoration should be properly glazed and highly polished to avoid grinding and wear down on opposing teeth. This smooth surface will also lead to a reduction in plaque accumulation inside the patient's mouth.