How do we get started right now? 

Step 1  Contact us. A representative will get back to you usually within 24 hours. Our prices are fixed while we offer discount to our clients in accordance with volume.

Step 2  Send the cases. You can start by sending a few cases to us. You could use our UPS and Fedex accounts with 50% discount, then inform us the tracking number. We will send you an email to confirm what we have received when we receive the package. If it’s a trouble case, we’ll need to contact you a few times during production.

Step 3  Make an easy payment after receiving our monthly invoice. 

How should I pack?

We recommend you follow these case packaging procedures:
·Securely wrap and insert all impressions and models into the larger pocket of the bio-bag. Please don’t send alginate impressions.
·Pull away adhesive liner to seal.
·Insert completed prescription(s) into the shorter front pocket of the bio-bag.
·Wrap each model with bubble wrap and tape together. Multiple Cases can be sent in one case box. Each case must have its own bio-bag for correct identification.
·Use additional bubble wrap to fill box to secure the case(s).
·Nothing should be loose when box is shaken.

·Securely seal the box with packaging tape. 

What is the minimum volume or order?

Please contact us for your individual solution. Before 3 mouths starting make business, we don’t require minimum number of cases or minimum order while our delivery policies apply. 

We are glad to answer any other question you may have. Please don’t hesitate to Contact us!