Turnaround Time
We only use prestigious couriers such as UPS or Fedex to ensure delivery time.
It usually takes 3 days to send cases from most European countries or the US to us. Received cases are generally finished within 3-4 in-lab days. The back way would take 2-3 days depending where you are. So we usually require 10 nature days as our turnaround time. Please be aware that all shipments are subject to routine customs inspections that may occasionally cause delays.

We can provide to you use our UPS account that enjoys 50% discount on the carriage to send your cases to our lab and we will add corresponding shipping costs to your invoice every month. We go to the airport to collect packages ourselves everyday, so it is also more efficient if you use these two couriers. 
Check them out here: 
For packing guidelines please see here

Usually, we pay one-way (the back way) carriage when more than 10 cases are included in one package, otherwise you will have to pay for the carriage both ways. But we do appreciate that new clients need to warm up with increasing works. So we also offer individual solutions; please contact us for your individual solution.Please be aware sometimes parcels will delay by checking with customs of china,happening problems with the flight or terribly weather.But we will rush them the first time when we get it.

Before three months of cooperation we need you pay us per package.(Before we send the second package you need pay us the first package payment.After three months we could give you monthly payment. But we need you pay us on time.Every month before 3rd we will send you the monthly payment list. and you can pay us before 10th for the last month payment. Because the our cost is very high so I hope you could understand us and pay us on time.

5-Year Quality Guarantee
Our uniqueness is we ensure high quality prior to low cost.

We pay great attention to every product we make, and go through strict quality control process to make consistent high-quality products. Therefore we provide a 5 year guarantee to all products.However, defects arising from incorrect prescription or fitting, lacking of supportive tooth or tissue structures, improper dental hygiene, misuse or accidents are not covered by this guarantee.

Trouble cases & Remakes
We have been dealing with complex trouble cases since we initially started working in the industry. We are all experts in dealing with them. Just please keep close communication with us by MSN, Skype, phone, even email; we’ll handle them fine and quickly.

Our remake rate is among the lowest. Remake cases are rare, and in our experience through the years, if the dentist get the impressions done 100% accurately, Therefore, we strongly suggest all our clients to emphasize the importance of getting precise impressions. If we feel that an impression is not accurate, we may inform you and request a new impression. Should you require us to carry on with the case, we would try our best to work it out, but we could not make any guarantee on the particular case.When a remake case occurs, we handle it on a case-by-case basis free of charge but we may require an accurate impression. For precious metal products, we also need to recall the alloy.

EDL maintains a strict confidentiality policy with all of our customers. At no time will we ever divulge your name or information to any third party for any reason.

We provide our Prescription Sheet for you to download and use. You are also welcome to use your own prescription sheet. Each case must be accompanied by a correctly completed prescription sheet either ours or yours. The prescription sheet is the document you use to indicate the specifics of your order. We have designed this sheet for ease of use and clarity of communication. In order to fulfill your turnaround demands, we need you to prepare the prescription sheet as accurately and comprehensively as possible to avoid communication delays. Please feel free to ask if anything is not clear in our prescription sheet. We may also need to ask you for instructions about your prescription sheet.

We also hope you fill out this New Client Information and Preferences Form in order to provide better services to you.If you have chance come to china,welcome to EDL visiting and communicating.